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What is an A and P License?

An A and P License, commonly written as A&P License, is the short form of "Airframe and Powerplant License". The A&P License is issued to qualified individuals, or Airmen, other than flight crew members.


What can I do with an A&P License?

As a mechanic holding an A&P License, you will be certified to inspect, perform, or supervise maintenance of aircraft and aircraft systems. A&P mechanics are certified to accomplish their duties on both commercial and private aircraft.


Can I really get a free A&P License?

Yes! Not only will I tell you everything you need to know about the A&P License, I will also tell you how to get a FREE license!


Do I need an A&P License?

Most major airlines require all maintenance personnel to hold an A&P License. Some third party maintenance facilities, also commonly referred to as MROs, don't require all of their maintenance personnel to hold an A&P License.


How much does it cost to get an A&P License?

Nothing! But only if you know the right steps. Otherwise, a license will cost you thousands of dollars. Some people have paid nearly $30,000 to get an A&P License. That is insane! You don't have to pay anything if you follow my steps.


How can I get an A&P License?

The most common method used to acquire an A&P License is paying tuition to a technical school or community college. Most programs are two year programs, and most cost $10,000 on average. Here's the fact of the matter: Most of the schools don't care about you! They only want to get you through the door so you can start paying them tuition. Don't spend crazy amounts of money to go to school! Let me show you how to get a license without paying a dime!


How much can I make with an A&P License?

I discuss pay scales thoroughly in "The Aircraft Mechanic". It's hard to calculate a specific average when discussing aviation pay scales. However, an individual holding an A&P License that has been working in the field for a couple of years can expect to earn $50,000 to $70,000 annually. But I will tell you how to make much more working as a licensed mechanic!











































Review by: Aircraft Mechanic Shawn